Mentally Speaking

No one understands me but those that are with me.  We are the same as others, but look at things much different from they do.  Some people feel that we just want to be seen, and love all the attention.  We can be a headache at times, but can be the best of friends.  Our thoughts can get the best of us, and you can make us sick at times. Hey, we get mad with ourselves too. We didn’t ask to be this way it is just us. We try to be opened, and communicate with you, but we feel better being alone. You can’t even imagine what our lives is on a daily basis.  You all think that  we are lazy, and don’t want to do anything.  They think that we are stupid, and look bad.  You all feel that you have us all figured out.  That is all a lie!!  You don’t know us at all, and don’t seem to care.  At least that is what we think.  Those that are with me can only understand what I am talking about. We are the only family that can relate to each other on this journey.  We do thank the others that try to help and support us.  We are glad we have each other no matter of race, age, or gender.



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