Mental illness looks like???

“They look like they have a problem!”  “Why is he/she acting so crazy?” ” Look at that fool talking to themselves!”

This is just a few words that is spoken about people that we see in our world at times.

What is going on with those people?  Oh, they are crazy!  They have a mental problem.

We look at the movies, T.V. shows, and we have been told how a person with an mental illness acts, and looks.  My question to you is “What mental illness looks like?”  Well it is not all what society claims it to be.

Many do not know:  A school teacher; a doctor; your college Dean; the Pastor of a church can be living with an mental illness.  Just as cancer, high blood pressure, and other illnesses do not discriminate.  Mental sickness is the same way.  You can’t just look at someone and make your own judgement about them.

Stop stereotyping!!  Mental illness is real, and those that have it needs love and support.

“What mental illness looks like?”  it looks as fabulous just like me!!




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