Tuesday Motivation Quotes


January here and gone?

January 29, 2018?? Already it seems like the days are flying by fast. It’s enough that my mind races, and I trying to managed that.  Worrying about the future is one thing, fear, anxiety,  and depression is the rest that follows.  However, I do have some good times. Yes, January 2018 is about to end, but I look back to January 2017. I started working, and I am still working at the same job. Lol I am a Certified Peer Support Specialist and I enjoy it.   I think of how the Lord has been there for me when I felt alone.  Compared to the many years ago, I am doing just fine. This mental illness still hits me, but I have learned ways to help me on my recovery journey.  Not only do I do what’s best for me,  but I help encourage others on their mental health journey.  We are in this thing together no matter how slow or fast the days go by.

Be encourage you guys😀😀😀


I Am More Than Just A Number

You say that you are here to help me, but all you see is that I am number 3 to put another notch under your belt.

You don’t care about the number of times I placed my head in my pillow and wept.

The times I think that I am the walking dead. Fighting each moment just to get out of bed.

Okay, I was the tenth person you have tried to help go back school. You come to my house to pick me up, but you forgotten that I feared going back. Yeah I want to go back, but I am afraid I will have another panic attack.

I am more than just a number. I am a person that is living with an mental illness. This life I live is more than just putting a cover over a open wound.

I see and hear people talking that others don’t. I am more afraid of things that races in my mind. I am tried, mentally tried, and can’t seem to stop. My mind seems to do what it wants to, and I get so angry because I feel hopeless.

I Am More Than Just A Number!!

I am just a person that wants to live my life. I have a voice, so please let me speak. Help me by listening to me.

I Am More Than Just A Number


And so I write…

So many things rushing through my mind, some good and some bad. I have a lot of goals I want to do, but I can’t seem to get it together in my head. Man!! I am so tried of fighting in my head, and so I write.

I always loved to write. On the back of the phone book, and anywhere I could find a place to write. My name, my families name you name it I wrote it down.

This is one of my ways that I cope to help relax my mind. I can’t hold all this stuff in my head, and so I write. I will write when I am sad, mad, and confused. I will write when I can’t seem to talk to not one, and so I write.

And so I write….

And so I write….

And so I write…

By: Jess

I Don’t Mind

I don’t mind you talking to me at all.  If my phone is still on, I will answer every time you would call.  I understand holding things inside makes things seems better.  You don’t want to bother anyone, so I write myself a letter.  I felt it was better to keep it to myself because when I try to express myself people would take me the wrong way.  Heck!  I did not know how to get my words together anyway.  Stress is not a friend of mine, for when it comes to me it takes me down a road I can’t seem to control.  Stress for me is not normal, for I really go into a overload.


Taking a Break

Okay I can’t help everybody, and solve everybody’s problems! I am not God. Lolol

I have to take a break, slow down, and remember to walk out the Lord plans for my life. I am blessed for the position God has opened for me as a Certified Peer Support Specialist in mental health services. I am a person that is living with an mental illness, and I am that face of hope. However, I can’t be my best if I don’t stop and take a break for my recovery journey.

I know I am not just speaking of me, but for those of you guys that needs to do the same thing.

Take a little break you guys!!


I Am Grateful

I am grateful for:

My personal relationship with God.

My awesome and loving kids.

My loving mom, and brother.

My Job, and co-workers.

Support systems

A peaceful place to live.


Food to eat

Clothes to wear

*****We all need to take time out and notice the positive things in our lives.*****