I have the Responsibility

People are going to do what they want to do,  and it is not my responsibility to make sure they do the right thing.  However, I have the responsibility to do the right or wrong thing. It is my responsibility to choose.

The atmosphere that I my come across may not be the best at times. I have the responsibility to do what is in my control to change my atmosphere: pray, speak positive words, and leave if possible.

I have a God that loves and cares for me, and He has shown me how much He does. God knows what is best for us all, and He is there for us to guide us. I have the opportunity, and the responsibility to go to my God and pray for His divine guidance.  I have the responsibility to choose to do what He leads me to do in any situation.


Glory to God




When Anxiety Hits

Tomorrow will be my first day back from taking a mental health leave from work.  It has been a month of a much need break from work. My anxiety and depression was a mess. I tried to hold it together as long as I could, but it was not getting better.  Thank GOd For using my team leader to have a talk with me in her office.  God has blessed me with a job that supports my mental health. I work at a behavioral health agency as a Certified Peer Support Specialist.  Anyway, tomorrow I will be back at work.  Feeling a little anxious: I am excited and not excited at the same time.

In the meantime, remember to take care of yourself.  Your mental health is very important just as any other health issues.  I admit that I knew that my mental illness was starting to go downward, but I was lying to myself that I didn’t need to step back and rest. Instead the more i tried to push through the anxiety, the anxiety pushed even harder. I needed to do some self-care not only for me, but for those around me.

When it comes to down to it, whatever mental illness a person has needs to get the rest they need.  Know what to do when things are getting bad, or listening to a trusted support person that understand your mental well-being.  We are going to have good days and some bad days as well. Just know your worth that break.

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Originally posted on Beckie’s Mental Mess: “… if we are suffering illness, poverty, or misfortune, we think we shall be satisfied on the day it ceases. But there too, we know it is false, so soon as one has got used to not suffering, one wants something else.” ~ Simone Weil ~ “Stop…

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Improve Your Mental Health!

blackgirldown. com™

Improving your mental health is vital to your recovery and I of all people know that all to well. Last year around this time I was in a bad place, I was trapped deep in a dark black hole. I never thought I would ever see the light of day. Boy…..what a difference a year makes! I still have my days, but now I have better ways to cope with my depression. I go out and get things done now! I have been so busy helping others that I have forgotten about my own depression. I know how it feels to be alone and scared without anyone to talk too. I really thought life was over for me, now here I stand brave and strong. I’m no longer ashamed of my illness and could care less who doesn’t understand it. We all have our battles to fight, I’m wishing you…

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Staying in your comfort zone brings no progress

This post is right on point for me. I believe that I have been in my comfort zone


Though it is called our comfort zone, is it really comfortable in the long run? Staying in our comfort zone means we will rarely progress, enhance or develop. It means our situation is unlikely to improve in the future. Choosing to push out today means you will reap the fruit of your works tomorrow.  It will not feel comfortable, in fact at times it will feel downright terrifying. However those who can visualise their future and are focused will put in what is required in order to reap the rewards. There is no “cheaters guide” or “quick fix” otherwise everyone and their uncle would have joined the bandwagon.

Those who stay in their comfort zone miss opportunities to use their skills and talents. They miss out on living a life of purpose.

The reasons for this may include:

1. Fear of failure- the thought of trying and failing is worse…

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Behind the Mask

Your so use to saying “I am doing good, ” “I am ok, but you’re not doing good, and you’re not ok at all. You have been hiding behind the mask for so long. People believe you because of your wonderful smile, and bubbly laughter.   You at like a normal average person, so they say.  However,  deep down there is something that is not ok behind the mask I kindly portray. I am not doing good at all.  Shoot!! I believe at times I am ok, but there are times I am not ok not one bit. I am trying my best not to cry, and get mad so quickly.

I have learned so much about myself that I didn’t know,  and I am still interested in learning more about myself.



I’ve not been ‘well’… 

I can relate to this myself.

Anonymously Yours


I’ve been struggling the last few months with a bit of depression. It took me a long time to figure out what was going on but after careful analysis all the classic symptoms are there:

  • loss of interest in things that once gave me great joy (E.g. Meditating, music, blogging)
  • sleeping uncontrollably (to escape reality)
  • Not caring much about general appearance (nothing to see here, move along)
  • Over eating (to feel something other than pain)
  • Rapid weight gain (eating all the wrong foods)
  • Foul mood for days on end (wallow and self pity)
  • Keeping to myself (not wanting to infect others)
  • Feeling like a mindless drone – – numb (better not to feel if all I felt was pain)
  • Sad (wondering what I did to deserve this)
  • Constantly felling like crying (disbelief that this is my life)

The last 7 years have been brutal! I’ve endured so many levels…

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The hidden predicament of ‘too sick to work; too ‘undiagnosable’ to get any assistance.’

New Shoots


Woe betide the person who develops a chronic health condition that has no name and which doesn’t show up on conventional health tests. You are about the enter a hellish realm of being seen as a lazy, antisocial, hypochondriac – and thats just what your doctor thinks of you. Your friends and family will become tired of you and your one subject conversation and you’ll start to not bother mentioning it; which will further cement the notion in everybody’s heads that you are making it all up and in reality you are living it up on the couch at home watching YouTube videos all day while they’re all out paying taxes.

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If you are tired of the same junk over and over again?  Change!

All around your environment is nothing but chaos and confusion.  Change!

You feel hopeless. Change!

You feel like your are all alone.  Change!

You can not see what is ahead, and fear is taking over your life.  Change!

Mentally thinking:

Do you really think I don’t want to Change?  Well you are wrong!  Right at this moment my mind want let me because of all the racing thoughts, the depression, anxiety, just to name a few is holding me mentally hostage.

If you would allow me to share with you for a moment, what would be helpful for me.  Change can happen:  believe that I can change; let me tell you what works for me to change, and help assist me in changing.

I know that Change is possible for a person that has been diagnose with a mental illness.  Change is my apart of my mental health journey, and a lot has change from my past, and I am blessed for change.

Recovery is possible just look at me!